Hi, my name is Sophia. I'm a BCom student at the University of Victoria

I spent high school living, learning, and playing in the cross section between art and engineering, and have a deep love for theatre both on and off stage. The thing nobody ever teaches you is how to actually make a portfolio... So this is my interpretation! It's a collection of projects and experiences that have shaped me through the years, and will continue to grow as I do.

Nowdays I've shifted my focus a little bit, because contrary to most ambitious, A-type, overachievers, I don't actually know what I want to be when I grow up. But good news! I'm 18! It would be ridiculous if I had all the answers already!

I'm currently pursuing a degree in commerce, partly because it allows me to explore all sorts of other faculties in the process, and partly because I know no matter what I do, I'll need business skills to create anything functional in our capitalist society. I love to connect people with different skill sets and knowledge libraries because I truly believe that interdisciplinary collaboration is key to innovation and stronger projects. I strive to learn something new from every person I meet, whether it's an unhoused woman in a soup kitchen, the person next to me on an airplane, or a Broadway costume designer. Right now I'm focused on learning from every opportunity I'm offered, and I know that even though I don't yet know my final destination, my contagious enthusiasm about just about everything will take me somewhere interesting. Spoiler alert! I'm taking a scenic route :)

So welcome! Have a look around!! And if you're working on something interesting and want to collaborate, send me an email! Let's go for bubble tea!