I do my best to be both a leader and a follower in my community, this is a space where I share reflections about these activities

Zenius Labs

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The STEAM Club I started in high school, and all the trials and struggles that came with learning how to work with adults to make something happen

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Tin Town Mural


The story of how I found myself spending a weekend helping set people up to paint sunflowers at the top of a wall. One of my favorite opportunities to date :)

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3D Printed Hospital Training Tool - "Cric"


I worked with my local hospital to 3D print an emergency procedure training tool and learned a lot in the process

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Mask Making - COVID Emergency Response


Looking back to March 2020 I know many people learned about how they react to stress. I realized that when I’m stressed, I need to keep busy. I stress-sewed 300 masks in two weeks.

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