A place for reflections from productions I've worked on and my thoughts on shows I've had the opportunity to see

Matilda - Productions


Every year all three high schools in my town combine efforts to produce a musical. This year we are hard at work on Matilda!

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Concord Floral - Productions


Concord Floral is a Canadian one-act ensemble play set just outside of Toronto. Despite being a college-level piece, a small group of Highland drama students chose to perform it for the North Island Regional Drama Festival of 2022!

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Squidward - Costume Making


At the end of grade 10, I was approached by my drama teacher to design and make costumes for the coming year's school musical, SpongeBob Squarepants. This is my reflection of everything that went wrong. And all the things I did to make it go right.

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SpongeBob SquarePants the Musical - Productions

spongebob-cast crew.jpg

First musical back after COVID, I was tasked with the costume design, including the creation of a four-legged pair of pants articulated by 3D printed joints.

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Xanadu - Productions


The last district musical before COVID and my first experience working in theatre.

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