Creative Projects

My ever-growing portfolio of creative work

Watercolour Painting


A reflection about my adventures in watercolour in my grade 12 art class.

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Laser Cutting - Catan Board


The breakdown of the laser-cut catan board I made in my makerspace class last year.

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Sandpiper Swimsuit - Pattern Review


When you are tiny and tall it is impossible to find a swimsuit anywhere. This is how I ended up sewing my own bathing suit.

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Squidward - Costume Making


At the end of grade 10, I was approached by my drama teacher to design and make costumes for the coming year's school musical, SpongeBob Squarepants. This is my reflection of everything that went wrong. And all the things I did to make it go right.

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Carolyn Pajamas - Pattern Review


Unpacking my adjustments to Closet Core's Carolyn PJs

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Wishing Well - Concrete Sculpture - WIP


I'm a hands on learner. And I had the extreme privilege of getting to do an independently directed study with my art teacher in grade 11. So it only made sense to apply what I leaned in the concrete sculpture workshop I attended in October 2021 in my IDS.

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Daisy Dress - Sewing


As a spring break sanity project I undertook the creation of “The perfect dress for a fairy tea party”. I collected inspiration, learned pattern making, and sourced fabrics to create a unique garment for myself.

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Dollhouse Renovations - Miniature Making


When my mother was six, my grandfather built her a dollhouse. It has a beautiful Tudor exterior and three floors of rooms that have always been empty. Slowly, over the years, I have been painting walls and creating furniture for the different rooms.

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Edward the Duck - Miniature Making


Only in a portfolio for theatre production would I include a rubber duck...

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